Tama Plastic Industry  Privacy Policy

(hereafter collectively with its subsidiaries, “Tama”)

Thank you very much for your interest in our services. This privacy policy informs you about the use of your personal data on our websites worldwide.

Data Controller; Data Protection

The controller within the meaning of data protection laws is Tama. For information on, corrections or the deletion of the personal data Tama has stored about you, please contact our , stating your name and your email address or postal address. Please note that some of your personal data may be subject to statutory retention periods and may not be deleted until thereafter, and that courts and other authorities are authorized by law to retrieve data or request information.

Collection and Storage of Personal Data

Personal data include your name, address, telephone number or email address, but they do not include details such as the number of users of our website or information of a general nature. Tama does not collect any personal data on this website as it cannot be used for product orders. For purposes of advertising or optimizing our website, however, Tama may collect personal data in compliance with applicable data protection legislation, in order to create aliased user profiles. You have the right to object to any such use of your data at any time. For further information, please read the following passages of this privacy policy.

Use of Cookies and IP Addresses

Cookies are small text files which a web server deposits on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies are not capable of executing any programs or introducing viruses on your computer. The cookies used by Tama contain no personal data and are not combined with any personal data. If you wish to opt out from cookies being stored on your computer’s hard disk, you can adjust your browser settings to refuse cookies. Please check your browser’s help menu to do so. Most browsers are configured by default to automatically accept cookies.

An internet protocol address (IP address) is an identifier your telecommunications provider assigns to your computer every time you connect to the internet. As soon as you access our website your IP address and other details (including date, time, sites viewed) are collected and stored on our web server for technical reasons, for purposes of website delivery and data security.

Use of Social Plugins

This website uses social plugins such as the Facebook, Inc. Like-Button to make our service more attractive for you. Social plugins are small software applications that are provided by Facebook and integrated in the website by Tama. Tama has only limited influence on the data the social plugins will transfer to Facebook. When you visit our website your browser will establish a connection to the Facebook servers. Facebook is informed that you are visiting our website and stores this information in accordance with its privacy policies. Facebook may also store further information such as your browser history. If you click on a Facebook social plugin while you are logged on to Facebook, this information may be matched to your Facebook user profile and shown on other sites of the internet. If you do not wish Facebook to collect data on you through our website, it may be helpful to log off from Facebook before you visit our website.